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Imran Haq Title Ask An Eye Surgeon
Dr Imran Haq talks about Glaucoma
Dr Imran Haq talks about AMD
Dr Imran Haq talks about Cataract Surgery

© 2022 Mr Imran Haq. Ask An Eye Surgeon with Dr Imran Haq MA Oxon MBBS AICSM FEBO FRCOphth and provides medical information regarding Eye Surgery and Ophthalmic medical conditions. This website does not replace your Ophthalmologist or local Ophthalmology service. Blepharoplasty, Cataract Surgery and other facial plastic and Oculoplastic Surgery need specialised, tailored consultations.

About Dr Imran Haq
About Dr Imran Haq Oculoplastics
Dr Imran Haq talks about Diabetic Retinopathy
Dr Imran Haq talks about Flashing Lights and Floaters and Retinal Detachment
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