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are you having a retinal detachment? what is a posterior vitreous detachment?

In its early stages, a PVD can present in a similar way to retinal detachment, which is a more serious eye condition. So it’s important to see your doctor as soon as possible in order to rule it out or treat it quickly.

Posterior vitreous detachment is a common eye condition caused by natural changes to the jelly that fills the eye as we get older. The symptoms tend to be more of an annoyance at first, but after a few weeks or a couple of months, you won’t tend to notice them as much. 

It’s usually nothing to worry about – you won’t feel any pain and it won’t damage your eyes or causes vision loss – but in rare cases it can lead to retinal detachment which poses a risk to your sight. That’s why it’s important to get your symptoms checked out as soon as you have them to make sure you get the treatment needed.

In the video below, Dr Haq explains exactly what to look out for.

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